Literacy With Math Activities

*The Doorbell Rang

*Five Little Monsters Rhyme: activity created by Carolyn

*Math Curse

*M & M Counting Book

*My Little Sister Ate One Hare by Bill Grossman
Click belowfor the Retelling Pictures for "My Little Sister":

*On My Beach There Are Many Pebbles by Leo Lioni

*One Duck Stuck

*Today is Monday by Eric Carle
song is on Mar Harmon’s album “The Wide-Mouthed Bullfrog”
Kizclub retelling pictures
*Ten Flashing Firelies by Philemon Sturges

*A Second is a Hiccup

*Splash by Ann Jonas
* Books by Stuart J. Murphy
Tally O’Mally
More or Less

*Ten Sly Piranhas by William Wise
Click Here for Link to Lesson Plan

*Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stohl Walsh

Lists of Books for Math Concepts: